After Effects Work – Learning on the Job

During my time at a previous job I was given work to complete using After Effects, but before then I had barely used the software, meaning I had to learn the software quickly to be able to complete the tasks needed. During my time there […]

Bust Concept Design Project [UPDATED]

[update] Post has been updated with more up to date renders as well as UV views Been rather busy lately, but in my spare time I’ve been working on a new side project based on the concept art below, which I found while searching online […]

Land Rover Defender 90 – Renders

[UPDATED] – Now includes UV renders as well as UV maps Recently I completed my Land Rover Defender 90 project, which I very much enjoyed working on and taking through to final renders. Inspired by an abandoned Defender 90 in my hometown, where I aimed […]

Tree Bark Texture Study

As a change of pace from my last project, I decided to do some Tree Bark texture studies and work in Substance Designer some more. Here are my final results: (Please click on the images for full res versions) Originally my inspiration came from spotting […]

Alien Spaceship Floor Texture Concept

As a concept idea I had while playing with a previous project, I decided to create something which was not based off of a real world study entirely. Using inspiration from 2000s SciFi games such as Halo and Mass Effect, as well as looking into […]

Brick Wall Texture – Tweaks and Updated Renders

While looking through some older files of mine, I found an old brick wall texture and decide it could use improvement and an update. I adjusted the damage layers, tweaked the diffuse layers, and most of all added into the height map. Here are the […]

Project Update – Land Rover Defender 90

Just a quick update on the progress of my Defender 90 project! Both modelling and UVing are now finished, and I’m currently working on the shading of the vehicle, to then texture into it as well. Please see below for screenshots and renders of the […]