2.5D Environment Projection – NCCA Matte Painting Project

During my time at the NCCA, I produced a 2.5D mattepainting, using photo editing within photoshop, modelling techniques and camera lineup processes in Maya, as well as projection and 3D painting techniques in Mari. The project started with me taking a photoshoot (using my Canon […]

Hard Surface Modelling Study – NCCA Specialist Project

Another project from my past was the Specialist project, where I aimed my brief towards hard surface modelling, improving my modelling workflow and looking into modelling techniques to speed up the process / make my work more efficient. This was done in Maya 2015, so […]

Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I’m Matthew, a recent graduate of the NCCA at Bournemouth University (at the time of writing this, Summer of 2016). In this blog, I will be posting updates of any current projects I am working on, plus in the mean time I will be […]