Digital Imaging; Artistic Inspiration for Compositing – NCCA Compositing Project

Another project I undertook at the NCCA was a digital intergration / compositing assignment. The brief set was to choose on an artist from a list provided, study their artwork and then produce a composited final outcome which replicated their work in some fashion.


My final outcome “McChicken”

After researching into Ralph Goings work (specifically his piece “Donut”), I designed a shot based on his work, shot the backplate (using a Canon 5D with a 50mm lens), and then shot a reference image using similar assets to the ones I had in CG (found on sites such as, as we were advised to find assets online instead of spending time creating them ourselves for this project). As well as these shots, I also captured an HDRI / Environment Sphere to light the CG assets with accurately, using the same camera with a fisheye lens, as well as using a panoramic Gimbal tripod. The HDRI was combined within panorama software PT Gui.


Ralph Goings “Donut”

Once this was done, I matched the CG camera in Maya to the details found in the metadata of the backplate image, including F-stop and focal length, and created a 3D blockout shot of the still plate using proxy geometry as well as the textured /shaded final geometry to capture shadows, reflections and to render the CG assets from in a way that accurately matches the backplates perspective.

Using these renders from Maya, I used Nuke to composite the render layers into the backplate by rebuilding the beauty passes and adjusting as needed to match the original photo.

Here is the report I wrote about the research into “Donut” and Ralph Goings, as well as a critical analysis of the final outcome

and below you can find my final outcome, I hope you enjoy!

Digital Integration and Compositing Breakdown from Matthew Fiveash on Vimeo.

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